Love Conquers

A few weeks ago, we photographed Lana and Charles on their wedding day.  My hope is that these photographs give but a glimpse into this joyous day.  What wonderful people!

Lana and Charles, we wish you two the best that life has to offer and all the happiness you both can stand.  Enjoy these few photographs while we continue to work on the rest.  Hugs to the both of you.



How Strong and True – A November Wedding

Two of the most genuine and wholesome people, married in a most lovely church, surrounded by loving family and friends…that just about sums it up.  It was an honor to be present for this lovely wedding and we hope that these few photographs give a glimpse of the joy, the peace, and the reverence that was Susan Liana and Byron’s wedding.  Enjoy!

Without a Beginning and Without an End

Emily and Justin are right up our alley.  Kind, calm, and open.  We were fascinated hearing about how Justin had carefully crafted a ring box to give to Emily when he proposed.  We felt we’d be amiss to forgo incorporating such a special token of his love for Emily.  And the rings that it holds….well, they’re the symbol of their love for each other that we refer to in this post’s title.  Enjoy.

Also, remember to check out the Pinterest link for some color photographs as well.


I Knew Right Away

When I asked Jake how long he had dated Crystal, he told me that it had been a while but that he knew right away that she was the one for him.

“She is quick and curious and playful and strong… ” K. Spade

Everything seemed so peaceful on your wedding day. Laughter, sunlight, a light breeze penetrated the air, which smelled of spring and the ocean. As you arrived at the wedding, your bridesmaids laughed and screamed with excitement when they saw the beautifully decorated ceremony site at the Railroad Museum. Frank waited for you there, as if you had just gotten off the train – one cannot escape the romantic notion of the antique trains seen everywhere at the museum. Savannah history came to life and surrounded your celebration – your wedding now is recorded as part of the Savannah’s rich history, celebrated with current and past generations.  The day was seamless, glorious and pure. It was your day, Megan.  The most wonderful congratulations to you both!  V&J

Also, once you’re done here, be sure to check out Megan’s bridal photographs from a week ago!


“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes.  But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.” …..Ted Grant

If you’ve enjoyed the heart and soul of this wedding, please visit our Pinterest board for the lovely details in full and glorious color.