The McCartney Family

There’s always an exciting possibility each time we photograph a wedding that we might have the chance one day to photograph the husband and wife as a family, one day.  For Alisha and Will, that day came Sunday.  We’ve loved the two of them for quite a while now.  And they’ve gone and added a little bundle of joy to the mix:) That little heartbreaker’s name is Evelyn and she’s quite the sweetie-pie.  We hope you enjoy these photos that we captured on Evelyn’s three month birthday.  (Couldn’t help myself on the last one, guys.  I take full responsibility! – J)

A Charming Little Irishman (and his loving folks too)

Declan’s a charming little Irishman.  He’s also the 7 month old bundle of joy that we’ve been waiting to give all of you a visual update on.  So without any other hesitation, take a look at the latest photographs of our little buddy Declan….and his folks too.  Another cool thing about these guys:  They’re the pioneers for Azelle Photography’s new “styled” family portrait sessions.  When we get a formal name for this type of session, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.  But no matter when that formal roll out is, Beth, Sterlyn, and Declan were the first.  We love you guys.  You have held and always will hold a special place in our hearts!

Happy Kids: The All-Natural Antidepressant

Who can’t be happy around happy kids?  Veta and I know first hand how much spirits can be lifted by genuinely happy children.  While we were in wonderful spirits yesterday to begin with, our little mini-session with Sasha and Dena was like an extra shot of pleasure on top of a wonderful day.  We know that these happy times are the memories that Moms and Dads will remember most throughout the years to come.  Sure, there are times when children are unhappy – just like us adults.  But when they’re genuinely happy, their joy is unrestrained.  That’s when we love to photograph.  Enjoy these few photographs from our wonderful time yesterday.  I think if you look into these hard enough, you can almost see the giant grins that adorned these two photographers’ faces behind the lens:)

The first series of four, I just had to post.  Dena’s little hat is actually a shock-resistant hat/helmet that toddlers wear for those first few weeks that they learn to walk.  They’re quite popular in Europe.  I’d just never seen one here and I happen to think that this one is adorable.  Perhaps it’s just Dena’s glee that makes it so.

Happy Mother’s Day From a Future Fireman on Horseback

Owen takes his sweet time, I can tell you!  Owen was supposed to grace his Mommy and Daddy’s presence several days before he actually did.  And Tony was wondering before the shoot whether Owen would scream throughout the duration or not.  We were intimidated a little, to be quite honest.

But one thing that we learned about this little 8 lb intimidator is that he’s a real bundle of sweetness if you just work WITH him:) That’s all he wants really!

Owen: “I need some food.”

Mommy, Daddy, and Us: “You got it!”

Owen: “I need a new diaper.

Mommy, Daddy, and Us: “We’re on it!”

Owen: “I need a warm temp and some sleep.”

Mommy, Daddy, and Us: “No problemo!”

Once he had all he needed, I can tell you that Owen was a joy to photograph.  It’s these little guys and gals like Owen that make you consider, if only for a few hours, giving up all of the wedding pizzazz and family shoots just so that you can work with these babies full time.  Who would have thought?

Back to Owen!  He will undoubtedly become either a fireman or a horseman or even a derivation of the two.  You see, it’s in his blood completely.  His Mommy, Lora, has been riding horses for virtually her whole life.  And his Daddy, Tony, was absolutely born to be a fireman.  With parents as loving as Lora and Tony, Owen will have every reason in the world to love these two of their passions as well.

As photographers, we wanted to make sure that we did our part to incorporate these pieces of Lora and Tony with baby Owen.  Please kick back and enjoy these teasers from yesterday’s shoot.  And if you have time, leave a comment at the bottom of this post for Lora and Tony, letting them know how precious their first little bundle of joy is!

The Most Precious Easter Egg

Little Camden is absolutely who I’m referring to in my title above.  At just ten days old, he’s practically brand new:) Being a Mommy is new for Amber too.  She and Camden are learning together and we know that their Mother-Son bond will be even stronger accordingly.  We often forget how only a Mother can calm her newborn baby.  It’s not always on the front of our minds just how much a baby needs his Mother.  And it’s quite evident just how much love a Mother has for her baby when you get a few hours to spend with them.  It’s days like these that remind us of all these things….and remind us that we have the best job ever!

These photos are dedicated to family and the love that we share for each other.