Kaitlyn – A Missouri Senior in the Heart of the Low Country

We’ve been privileged over recent years to work with the clients that we’ve worked with.  But every now and again, that privilege seems like it’s printed in a bold font.  In other words, we’re humbled and especially blessed by the folks that cross our paths.  So was the case with Kaitlyn and her family several days ago.

We absolutely love high school seniors, for their spunk, their willingness to hang it out there an be different, and their excitement over the little things we take for granted.  And every once in a blue moon we get to photograph a senior who is coming a long way for us to do our thing.  That extra effort they put forth in getting here helps us to realize even more how much they value this time in their lives….no pressure, right!

Kaitlyn and her family came all the way from Missouri.  We’ve never been to Missouri, but if Kaitlyn and her family are good representatives of their state, we’d love to go.  She was genuinely happy to be here and her spirit was contagious.  We hope you enjoy this sampling of her session.  She’s a beauty inside and out!


Megan’s Warm Evening Senior Session – Savannah High School Senior Portraits

About six months ago we photographed Kara, if you remember.  This weekend we were honored to photograph Megan, Kara’s sister.  The north end of Tybee was blazing hot about an hour before Megan’s session began.  But the continually drooping sun gave into relief which eventually transformed into comfortable bliss that only comes with those evening strolls on the beach.  We loved shooting Megan because she reminded us of many fun things that are often associated with being a Senior:  a carefree spirit, a keen sense of humor, and a certain “lightness” that is naturally present at this time in all of our lives.  We hope that those things are reflected by these teasers from Megan’s Saturday evening portrait session:

Kara’s Shivery Yet Summery Senior Session – Savannah High School Senior Portraits

When asked about what she wanted to remember from her high school senior year, Kara answered: “I want to remember how happy and determined I was in high school. How I was (am) so excited about my life, and my passion for giving to others and “paying it forward.” This answer became an inspiration for her high school senior portrait session that we photographed yesterday. We really tried to make sure we incorporated quite a bit of light into these photographs to represent Kara’s “paying it forward” principle, because by doing so, she does bring the light into the world she is a part of. Her entire presence radiates kindness. Kara, thank you for letting us become a part of your high school senior experience!


Class of 2011 – Meet Meghan

We had a wonderful opportunity today in a couple of areas.

For one, the Management at The Paris Market in Savannah was kind enough to allow us access to shoot just prior to the store’s opening.  It was a first for us and we hope that we did The Paris Market some justice.  Thanks so much for this opportunity.

The second opportunity was given to us by Meghan, who trusted us enough to shoot both some Senior photos as well as some portraits for her modeling portfolio.  Meghan’s 16, but we’d say that she’s well on the way to her dream.  Don’t forget us when you get famous, Meghan:) We’d also like to say thanks to Meghan’s patient Mom for wardrobe, hair, and makeup assistance.  It makes such a difference to have someone helping pull it together from behind the scenes.

But don’t take our word for it.  Take a look at some previews from Meghan’s session:

Genealogy, Savannah – get ready for the Prom 2010!

Genealogy Savannah

Genealogy Savannah Our Christmas Cocktail Party is Dec.3rd! Holiday Discounts, Prom Preview, Gifts and so much more!!!

UPDATE!! – The Christmas Cocktail Party was today, and it was…

FANTASTIC! The energy simply radiated among the girls who came in for a very special purpose – to select their one and only princess gown, the prom dress. The staff of Genealogy was simply superb in helping make those selections – shoes, necklaces, earrings, the perfect colors. All of a sudden, I felt like I was a part of something very special, and a few photos that I took just give you a glimpse at all the commotion that was taking place at Genealogy tonight. Congratulations, Class of 2010!  The prom is fast approaching. Stop by Genealogy and find your perfect gown! Well … can’t forget about the guys. There are very trendy tuxes in the store, too.

Even if you don’t know what you want yet, they will help you find it in one of the catalogs they have available. Stay tuned to all of the updates on the Genealogy Facebook page

Genealogy collections website: http://www.itsinhergenes.com/lookbook.html

Once you buy your special gown, don’t forget to schedule your personal, magical photo session to remember the special prom day for the rest of your life! Call or text 912-704-1616 to schedule now!