Kelly & Wyatt – A (Really Awesome) Wedding Film

We’re so excited to post this film tonight.  It’s been a long time coming, but the dream is finally being realized.  Veta and I first got into this business shooting wedding videos.  And while so much has changed in the years between then and now, our love of movies and motion capture has only increased and become more polished.

So what is this film?  Technically, it’s digital and not film.  So what is it?  Let’s start with what it’s not:  This project is not a wedding “video”.  It more closely resembles a film just because it’s a deliberate, pre-visualized effort by a team of creative professionals to make something beautiful through the art of motion capture and edit.  So much planning, experience, and effort went in to the project and that’s mostly why it’s so special to us.  The actual capture process was handled this go around by Josh Branstetter of Jabberpics, Derek Scearce, Juwan Platt, and Keith Bradshaw. The edit was carefully assembled by Rodrigo Zozaya.  Veta and I took care of most of the pre-wedding day management and production of the project.  And I dare say that we can’t wait to get our boots deeper in the mud on the next project.

About the film:  Kelly and Wyatt saw our Singing in the Rain project many months ago and knew that they wanted something out of the box for their wedding day.  We were honored that they chose us for a couple of reasons.  1. Anytime someone trusts you to capture their wedding day visually, it’s a huge compliment.  There’s much at stake and you’d better get things right.  And 2. It’s fair to say that these two are really close to a creative industry themselves and to be chosen by them made us want to excel even more.  As you’ll see in the film, Kelly and Wyatt are irrefutably in love and their vows reflect it.  Crafted straight from their souls, those vows exchanged by these two make the sentimental married folks among us melt back into the nostalgia that was our own first day being joined to our own true loves.

We hope you enjoy watching as much as we do.

Kelly & Wyatt from Azelle Photography on Vimeo.

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